woven willow creations, created with love by hampshire based willow sculptor Jacqueline Rolls

willow  squirel  standing on 4 paws  facing forward, has tail up , stanmding on  grass  by willow and crafts
Willow squirrel sculpture
a large willow penguin with scarf arround its neck
Willow penguin sculpture
willow swan   sitting by piond
Willow swan sculpture
Willow moon gazing hare made from willow wars are down laying against back sitting on a plinth
Willow moon gazing hare
wilow pig  sculpture, standing on gravel ,front view  by willow and  crafts
Willow pig sculpture
  • horse head
  • flying owl by Willow and Crafts
  • willow hare sculpture on leaves front view a
  • medium heart 1 .jpg
  • willow fallow deer

 My shop page houses a variety of different willow sculptures seasonal items and decorations  that are currently available. Further examples can be viewed in my gallery area.

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 I relish the opportunity to create new bespoke art work for private as  well as public art projects, for further details follow the link.

  • willow hare sculptures  from www.willow and crafts workshop
  • runner duck
  • 335183529_898978987815152_3968940171375143210_n
willow hares made in workshop

I offer workshops at various venues in the south of Hampshire, These include my  bookable activivities, as well as those that I offer in partnership with various organisations.