woven willow creations, created with love

Hello and welcome

I am a Hampshire based artist and sculptor  who creates with willow and other natural  materials. I am self taught having started down this rabbit hole over 20 years ago now  when I first made something out of willow at a music festival  in Devon.

Like many other artists,  creating is more than just a way to earn a living  it is  also  a passion  and a way of life and I have well and truly caught the bug.


I use a variety of different willows which are sustainably grown in the U.K  some of which I grow myself, I prefer to use as little metal as I can, and only use it where it is needed  for added strength for example for  bird or deer legs, or when it is appropriate to do so for example if it is going into a public space

 I am as equally at home making  abstract organic shapes as I am making the realistic or quirky characters that I am known for. I endeavour to create artwork that is individual,  unique and has a life of its own and it is always a delight.

Public art commisions and projects

In addition to my own work I enjoy being invited to design and create work for others,  especially  when I am invited to make artwork for  public art projects and commisions