Bespoke activities and private workshop examples

 I occasionally offer bespoke  private activitiees  for small groups, whether it be family or friends, work colleagues, etc., who would prefer me to come to a venue that you are comfortable with using here are some examples of the type of activity that I might offer.

Small item workshop

A  great way to dip into willow sculpture and is the one that I would recommend for anyone who would prefer to make a variety of items or doesn't feel that they would like to start with a larger item.  Please note that these are not advisable for anyone who has conditions such as carpal tunnel or arthritis in the hands that can make it hard to grip and manipulate the materials,  if this is a problem for you then I would look at the option for larger items also please read willow weaving workshops faq

Examples include Hearts, various flowers, bird feeders,  fish, mini birds, dragonflies, butterflies, small balls, seed heads,seasonal items such as Christmas trees, stars, fairies/ mini angels. Wreathes, hearts etc.

Beginners sculptural items

Cloches, garden obelisks, large fruit, abstract shapes, and spheres are great for most people as are small birds, bees, mushrooms, flowers, bird feeders etc can all be provided .


Medium-sized sculpture workshops

I offer a variety of topics, including birds of all types: wading birds-, egrets, curlew, game birds,  pheasants, various chickens, ducks, owls, flamingos, penguins etc.

Small animals, hedgehogs, hares,  piglets, penguins, animal heads e.g stag, rabbit/ hare, etc,  large spheres and abstract shapes,  can be  a good option

Introduction to basket making activities willow or rush 

Willow - small trays, small baskets, sweet pea climbing baskets and the like, 

Rush - introdcution to working with rush- place mats, small fruit baskets

Bespoke Mixed activity/ ability 2-day workshop where students work on their own project,

These are ideal for students who have some experience or wish to spend more time working on a  project with support and guidance from me

Depending on the students requirements they can be  introduced to a range of techniques to  familiarise themselves with working with willow; with the option to create two small items or work more independently on one larger  item wiht support and guidance  on a  larger animal such as a deer, or large pig, dog or a abstract form of thier choosing

The price for these workshops will be  vary depending on the activity  and number of people that I am working with and as with all my other activiites I tend to work with relatively small group sizes


As with all of my workshops listed on the rest of the site, the level of detail that you will achieve is different for each person, and how quickly you learn and connect with the material to a proficient level can take perseverance; some people have a natural affinity to a craft whilst others take a bit longer.  You may find it useful to read my FAQ page  Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.