Choosing to earn my living as artist

The life of a freelance artist is often a busy one, like many others I don't have a conventional 9- 5 week, which definitely wouldn't work for some, and each week is different for example:

On Monday I will be joining my fellow makers from the #wessexguildofcraftsmen to set up my area at Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum and Gardens for the week, I will be there in person from Tuesday to Thursday.

On Saturday I will be at the ArtFest River Hamble taking place at the Warsash Sailing Club overlooking the River Hamble.

on Sunday I am teaching students how to make willow piglets in Burley nr Ringwood.

and the following week will be different again.

Some weeks I am at home making, sorting, doing all the paperwork, promotion and marketing, and planning for future events. Other weeks I may be running a couple of workshops, working with an organisation, or meeting potential new clients, and sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to work on a project which is immersive and is the reason why I chose to make a living in this way.

In between I try to have a sense of normality whatever that is, doing everyday things such as cleaning, gardening, shopping and spending time with family, freinds, finding time to read a book or even going out for the day.

Would I change this life no I wouldn't, my income is sporadic and sometimes I am working full on, and other times it is quieter, I always need to keep backup money in the bank for lean times and I dont earn the same as I used to when I worked for someone else,  but would I change this and go back to a "proper job" no I wouldn't. becoming an artist full-time was the best decision that I have ever made and I am more content and happier than I have ever been.

I love the variety and new challenges, being asked to take on something that Ive never done before, is both scary and wonderful at the same time. Just as importantly the choice of being able to say no if I feel that something would not be a good match without having to check with anyone else is quite freeing.

Not knowing what is ahead can be a challenge for some, and I do have to plan well ahead but the mindset that all will work out in the end comes with experience and a degree of belief in karma as does an understanding that the world will carry on spinning regardless.

If you are interested in working with an artist who is interested in taking on new challenges, or would simply like to commission me to create a willow sculpture for you do feel free to contact me for a chat.