I am big fantasy fan and so every now and again I have the opportunity to create something a little different

Dragons are one of my favourite creatures , it was lovely to meet someone who loved him as much as I did and he is now pride of place in the gentleman’s conservatory


There is something that is very appealing about fairy’s and this one was inspired by a lovely doodle by the artist Donna Mcghee  

willow fairy sculpture with leaf front view
willow fairy sculpture with leaf side view

 I love horses and when I  see a wild pony or horse I tend to think of unicorns 

willow unicorn sculpture
willow teddy bear

This lovely teddy bear was created as a special commission as a memorial piece for a woodland burial I was really honoured to have been invitedto create this special artwork as  it was very special and symbolic piece for the whole family. They were very restricted as to what materials could be used as it has to be a natural item so willow very much suited their needs

willow teddy holding heart side view
large willow fantasy bird standing on eucalyptus branch
large willow bird on grass with chicken behind it

This fantasy bird was  created with various willows and often changed its plumage colour,  it has steel legs as they needed to be strong, the sculpture has spikes at the bottom of its feet to go into the ground I also  use large wooden log a as a base for sculptures such as this , he is shown on display standing on a piece of eucalyptus tree trunk as well as in the ground

This  large angler fish was created to take with me to a music festival some years ago  it was designed to enable particpants to add more detail to