woven willow creations, created with love by hampshire based Artist and sculptor Jacqueline Rolls

Horse and pony willow sculptures

sculpture of new forest pony created in willow  by Willow and Crafts, for the Beardy Gardener show garden at  the  Gardeners World Soru=ing Fair
Willow New Forest Pony created for the BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair
sculpture  of a New Forest  pony created in willow side view  head facing to the left
Willow New Forest pony sculpture side view

 There is something so majestic and beautiful about thes wonderful creatures, I particularly love the semi wild dartmoor and New Forest Ponies and am always in wonder and awe when I see them.

This life size New Forest Pony was created as a commison for the Beardy Gardener to go in his show garden at the BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair at Beaulieu Motor Museum in spring 2024  and was awarded a gold medal.

Willow pony head  sculpture hung on a wall
Willow horse head sculptue hanging on wall

The full sizes horse / pony head was created to hang on the wall, then I decided that it would be more versatile if it was displayed on a wooden plinth 

Willow pony head on a wooden plintth
Willow pony head sculpture in wooden plinth